Saturday, August 6, 2016

AUSTIN, TX | 8.1.16


Wow what a great week! I made it safely to Austin on Tuesday. It was sad leaving Las Lomas and Stone Oak because I LOVE the people there with all my heart!! I miss my cute Trainee, Sister Olsen, but I know that she is takin good care of the area. We drove up to Austin and transfers are just nutso. There were a million Elders with their bikes... But guess who I saw?! My MTC companion, Sister Kirby! AND! I also saw my beautiful and perfect trainer, Sister Jones!! I hugged her so tight I'm surprised I didn't squish her to death.

My new companion, Sister McKee, is PERFECT. She is straight outta the 50's with her beautiful naturally curly hair. She is such a great missionary and I am learning SO much from her. I have been out only 6 weeks longer than her and this is her first area. She also danced in high school so we have a lot in common with that. And she also plays the piano and sings. She plays hymn arrangements and I fall in love with her because of it. It is great, I love her and I love the area. This area is a bike area too. Definitely less hills than Las Lomas! But Sister McKee's legs are a lot longer than mine so I still get a workout tryin to keep up! Haha!

We live with members here and they have a dog named Abby! Haha she is so much fun. She helps us out with our planning sessions. ;) I am kinda attached to her already.

We have a big district! There are 5 Sisters and 4 Elders. I love having sisters in the district again! I love love love district meeting. I used to be terrified to role play but now I love it because it honestly helps so much! Even in a role play, you can feel of the spirit and it is so much fun to learn.

Sister McBride... We are working with an ex'd member and she is such a hippie. She joined the church in her youth and was later excommunicated. She said it broke her heart but the bishop told her it was not to hold her back, but to help her move forward. She says she has really taken that to heart. After, she got married and her husband has recently joined the church! Crazy how that works out. We talked with her about covenants and the temple... She says her favorite hymn is come come ye saints and she played it on her guitar for us and sang. I wish y'all could have been there. I love her!!

The Lord watches over His missionaries. I LOVE my mission and I LOVE my Savior. The gospel is so true! I know that when we live worthy of the spirit, we will have true JOY! I love the time every day that I have to spend studying the gospel. God's love is real. ❤️

Sister Philpot

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