Sunday, June 5, 2016


Hello Everyone!

Wow what an amazing week! We had a lesson with Justin and afterwards I was just SO HAPPY! He recently got a job and shaved his beard. He looks so different and so happy! He is really progressing and getting excited about the gospel. We asked him if he would like a priesthood blessing to help him overcome his addictions and keep the word of wisdom. He said, "I didn't know if I was at the level where I qualified for that yet." Haha he was so excited that he could! And when we talked about tithing he was just excited about it and said that it makes him feel like he belongs to the church! He is so excited to be an official member! He is just amazing and I wish y'all could meet him. Sister Jones and I were basically giddy after his lesson because we are so excited for him and all the progression that he is making! He even said he is feeling good about his baptism and might even want to move it to an earlier day.

As for my subject line, we visited these people this week who have a hairless cat! And his name is Marvin the Martian. Hahaha! And I think I am in love with him. There is a picture below. He is actually so soft and fuzzy it's amazing! We also had a really great lesson with them so it was just the perfect night!

Something kinda funny that happened to us this week... we were on our bikes in this neighborhood and this car pulled over and this itty bitty hispanic woman rolled down her window and with her fists waving in the air she yelled in her cute little accent, "Bravo my valient girls!!" Haha! Things like that make the mission so worth it. 

Haha speaking of itty bitty hispanic women... in the picture is this lady who we always "talk" to. We teach her daughter and they live in the same house. Sometimes when we go by, her daughter isn't there and so we just talk to her. But she speaks only Spanish so no one can understand each other but she will ramble on for hours! She loves to talk even though she knows we can't understand her! And so we just laugh. And then she laughs too. We have this kind of relationship where we just understand that no one knows what is going on, but we all just love each other. She gives us water and we just tell her she is beautiful and give her hugs. Haha I just love her. Isn't she the cutest?!

That's all for this week! Love y'all! 

Sister Philpot

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