Sunday, March 6, 2016

FIRST DAY | 3.3.16


First day here and i am just so happy!! Everyone is just so welcoming and I think i've heard "Welcome to the MTC!!!" Over a hundred times haha. I'm so exhausted but I feel like I've already learned so much. The spirit here is absolutely incredible. All of the new missionaries have an orange sticker dot on their name tag so everyone knows that i have no clue where I'm going haha. But we had class, and a devotional, and all the new missionaries talked to "investigators" and it was really cool to hear all their stories and makes me super excited to get to the field! I definitely know that this is not about me at all. It's just to help and invite others. The best way to do that is listen and ask questions and then the spirit will guide you to know what to say. My companion's name is Sister Kirby. She's going to San Antonio too! And I've met two other sisters going to San Antonio so that's good i won't be flying alone. I also saw Sister DeVries! it's so great to see all the missionaries smiling faces and hear everyone's testimonies. We're all exhausted but we are all happy and i know that's because of our love of the Lord and the gospel. it was super awesome hearing all the missionaries sing "Called to serve" cause even though none of us really know whats going on yet, we know our purpose and we are excited to serve the Lord! Also the food here is super good haha. i wasn't even hungry because of our lunch, but we had Chicken and rice and vegies and fruit and ice cream! I better watch what i eat or I will gain 10 pounds before I get to Texas. My pday will be wed. in the mtc so I will write more next week and hopefully i will be more organized and less exhausted. So sorry if this email sucks haha. And i don't have my book with everyones emails yet, but i will make sure to send it to everyone next time. love you all! Hope you are all doing great and don't miss me too much;) i already love it here and I know everything will be great!

Sister Philpot

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