Wednesday, March 9, 2016

WELCOME TO THE MTC!!! | 3.9.16

Hello friends and family!

Where to begin... This week has been the busiest week of my life! Everyone is so welcoming and so friendly and the spirit is just amazing. All of our teachers are just so incredible. One of my teachers, Sister Brock, served in the San Antonio mission too! So she was really excited to talk to us all about it. It's making me really excited to get out there, but I've still got sooo much to learn before that happens! I don't think i've ever been so tired, but I've also felt the spirit more than I ever have. Especially on Sunday. Being with all these missionaries who have such strong testimonies really strengthens me. It's definitely hard trying to teach our investigators because I've never really taught lessons or anything before. But I guess i'm here to learn that! haha. I know that I couldn't learn all of this if it weren't for my Savior. He cares about all of his missionaries and he'll help us get through.
Something that's kinda funny is that I'll see missionaries walking around and think, "Ah! Its the missionaries! I love them!" And then I look down at my tag and realize we're all here in the MTC. It's  kinda crazy that this is actually real now! 
Everyone in my district is just so awesome and we've all grown really close this past week! I love them all and it will be sad when we all leave. But my companion, Sister Kirby, is also going to San Antonio! And I've met two other sisters here who are also going to my mission. They are all such cute girls! 
We also got to go to the temple today! It was so nice not to be stuck in the classroom. (I do love class though because we learn so much... it just gets really long sometimes!) 
I know that its super important to listen to the spirit and teach the people, not lessons! When we get to know others and love them, we can better understand their needs and what we can do to help them come closer to Christ.
Well, first week of the mission has been a success! I love you all! Don't forget to write.

Sister Philpot

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