Monday, March 28, 2016


Hello everyone!!!! Happy Easter!

I have soooo much to tell y'all and I am so excited right now! Haha I can't even contain myself! This week has been the best week of my life! I am so grateful that I made the choice to serve a mission because it has already brought so many blessings. First off, Texas is so beautiful!!!! It is so warm and sunny and everyone here is so friendly. I didn't realize how big of a city San Antonio was but it really is huge. It's also humid which I really like actually. My hair is a bit frizzy but that's okay. And I already have some weird tan lines after only three days biking around.

The first thing we did when we got off the plane and met President was we went to the temple and took pictures and he talked to us a bit. He is just the best! I am so excited and I am truly surrounded by some of the best people ever! The energy about missionary work is just amazing and I love all the missionaries, especially my companion Sister Jones. She is the sweetest girl I've ever met. Everyone says we're like the same person and that we're so great together. I love her so much. So our area is the temple area so I get to bike past it every day! It's also a great way to start conversations with people we meet while tracting.

We got to go to the Alamo and we were officially welcomed to the TSAM! I got to place my first Book of Mormon and it was just so much fun! Ah I just love it here if you couldn't tell already haha. Just being here for a few days, I have already seen so many miracles and I'm really learning to recognize God's hand in everything. He truly is mindful of everyone and it's so cool to see. I love everyone I meet and I just know that is because God gives that love to us.

One last thing and that will be all. So our area is a biking area and for anyone who doesn't know this about me, I am pretty terrified of bikes haha. But its okay. Our area is also called "Las Lomas" which means "The Hills" So we bike up so many hills! Anyway We were biking up this hill and it was my first day trying to figure out how to ride. I was so exhausted! But we're just trudging up this hill and I'm going so slow and it was ridiculous I wish y'all could've seen it haha. And I just tip over!! Haha so my worst fear happened. I scraped up my knee and I was dripping blood but I just laughed! I can't even believe I did that oh my goodness. Haha but Sister Jones is the best and she helped me out and all is well.:)

That's all for this week. THANK YOU for all the love and support. I love you all more than you even know.

Sister Rachel Philpot

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