Thursday, May 5, 2016


Hello Everyone!!

This week was amazing!!! Transfers are this week and Sister Jones and I will be staying here! Yay! We will be getting a new Sister in our apartment and we are so excited!! 

We had quite the adventure this week getting caught out in the hail! We were walking pretty far it was really hot and humid like it gets right before it rains. Were so excited when it started raining! But then we were completely soaked within 5 minutes. And then we started getting pelted with hail! I know I always rave about the weather here.. but I honestly have never experienced such crazy storms until Texas! Haha I will send pictures so y'all can see. :)

Remember Alexis who was baptized? She got her temple recommend yesterday! She is the sweetest. She cannot wait to go! She was telling us all about it and how she wanted to go so bad. she said, " I told the bishop I'll wait as long as it takes and do whatever steps I need to go in order to be worthy to go. And then he just printed it out for me!" She is so excited and just the cutest!!!! And Ray, her boyfriend, got the priesthood yesterday at church! It was such an amazing thing to see and Alexis was crying. Ray said he was missing out on something for a long time, and now he feels full. I just love them both so much! We are having FHE with their family tonight! Ah they are the best!

We are teaching a lot of great people and I am so excited for this next transfer! Miracles happen every single day.

Love y'all!

Sister Rachel Philpot

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  1. I've been caught in the crazy rain out there. Glad you had a positive outlook on it. And what a great story about Alexis and her boyfriend.