Thursday, May 5, 2016


Hello everyone!

Its been another amazing week here! I am just loving it every day. I've never been so exhausted, but I've never been so happy! I can truly see the Lord's hand in the lives of the people I meet and it's such an amazing thing to see! I am so grateful for the chance I have to be here. It is so beautiful! Wow I just love it!

The main thing that has been going on this week has been preparing for Alexis's baptism this Saturday! I wish you could all meet her, she is the cutest! We got to go to the temple and talk about family history and enduring to the end. She is so excited and even though I haven't know her for very long, I can see a difference in her already. I'm so lucky that I just got to come right in and be a part of this. She is so ready and so sweet. I will try to send a picture so y'all can see. :) When we teach her, we always teach Ray too who is her boyfriend. He had been less active for a long time, but they are both coming to church now and doing so great! Sister Jones and I just love meeting with both of them. They just tell us everything and it's so cool to see that trust they have in us because they know who we are. Ray said that he appreciates everything we say because right when it comes out of our mouth, it sounds like we are just messengers from God. He says he is really impressed with how quickly we follow the spirit and just say what he needs to hear. I know that it's nothing we are doing though, they are just great and very receptive to the truth! It's so cool to hear them say things like that because we do get rejected a lot haha. So wow, to hear something like that means a lot! I just love them so much!! It's really fun teaching them too because they are 19 and 20. So they are our favorites, but don't tell anyone.;)

We also have a new investigator, Shelly, who we asked to be baptized and she said she would pray and think about it! We are meeting with her tonight so I will update you more on that next week. She has had a really rough life and has been through a lot. She just talks our ear off and really loves meeting with us. She is in her late 40's and she is just the cutest! Wow I just love her.

For all my friends on missions or anyone who has seen The District 1, it was filmed here in San Antonio. I've met the Amar's who are on the district and they are in the MTC booklet. And they were talking to us all about getting filmed and stuff. They showed us a picture of their baptism day and Laura from the District was in the picture! It was so crazy haha. Idk if you all remember but Laura is the blonde lady with the bangs and glasses who was taught by sisters and got baptized. So there's something that's kinda fun!
Well that's all for now! I love you all and hope you are all doing amazing! 

Sister Rachel Philpot

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