Friday, July 29, 2016

PICTURES! | 6.6.16

Hello everyone!

It was an amazing week as usual. I am loving it here!! I was really bad at writing in my journal this week, but that's okay because we took a ton of pictures! It was really rainy this week and we got caught out in the rain quite a few times, walking and even on our bikes! It's crazy how fast it just starts pouring here! Haha I love it. We also did service for some members who are about to move in. We ripped out some carpet and tile and got to knock some walls down. They are totally redoing the house before they move in. So that was a lot
of fun! It will be really nice once they're all done! I can't even tell y'all how grateful I am for my mission. I have met people and had experiences that I will never forget! There is nothing I'd rather be doing.  Love y'all! Have an amazing week!


Sister Philpot

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