Friday, July 29, 2016


Hello Everyone!

This week has been great! We had 4 investigators at church yesterday! Maggie has now come to church 5 weeks in a row! She is so cute! She has no religious background at all, but she loves coming to church and learning more! After the baptismal service we brought her to, we asked how she felt and she said that she doesn't think she is ready for that yet! But she loves coming to church and I know she will feel ready soon enough. Her husband and her son came back from China this week and we were able to meet them both! CJ (Her husband) was a lot more open and supportive than we were thinking he would be, so that is really exciting! And her son, William,  was so excited and kept saying, "I wanna go to church, I wanna go to church!" Haha Yayyyy! They are the cutest family ever. Even though CJ isn't super interested or ready yet, I know he will be one day too! He has the desire to believe even though he doesn't have much religious background and a very scientific mind. He said it's hard for him to believe things unless its a scientific experiment and something that could be measured. We read in Alma 32 about experimenting on the word and making a place in your heart for the seed of faith to grow! He liked it more than I thought he would. There are so many cute families in the ward that are friends with their family and it makes all the difference! I love to watch Maggie come to church and just go sit by the ward members and feel at home. It makes me feel so successful when people don't need us. It sounds kinda funny, but its true! When people are friends with the members and truly converted to the gospel, they don't need us to tell them what to do! It's so exciting to see her sincere desire to come to church and come closer to God. Hopefully her family will come next week! They were home asleep during church because they are still adjusting to the time difference from China!

A week or two ago we were walking in some apartment complex, and this man was outside. Well we talk to everyone, right? So we gave him a card with the website and our number on it. He didn't seem too interested, but still friendly. We didn't think too much of it because that happens all the time. Later, we got a text saying that he wanted to meet with us and to come by on the 5th! Wow that never happens! Well we brought another sister from the ward and we went over. I was so curious to see what this guy was gonna say... I had no clue what to expect. But he is so great, wow! His name is Matt. He was talking about how he hasn't been practicing religion for a very long time but he knows he needs to. He kept saying, "There is a reason I moved here to San Antonio!" He is searching for something that will make him really happy. He promised us that he would come to church every single week and he accepted the invitation to be baptized! He LOVED the first vision and he gave us a ton of referrals! He is so prepared, it's crazy. It's definitely not a coincidence that he moved here right next to the temple!! Ah! We are so excited to teach him more. 

Wanna hear something funny? it's kinda sad actually... It is SO HOT and we just bike around and get so so sweaty and it's really pretty gross. We biked to a lesson that we had with Maggie, and we were just sitting there red faced and so nasty... haha Sister Morris, the member we brought, was all, "are you okay Sister Philpot? Get her some cold water!" Haha sometimes it is really hard to focus on teaching a lesson when you are a roasted tomato.... Now Maggie always offers us rides and water and it's probably because we are SO SMELLY! Haha its the worst! But it's all worth it. :)

Sometimes I feel like people don't take us too seriously. I mean I look like a 15 year old biking around with my goofy helmet in a skirt... what even is that? I love it but people seriously stare at us! We just smile and wave! Haha! Yesterday, we biked up to this house and walked up to the door the same time as the plumber... and he goes, "Is your mom home?" Hahahah I was like what? We don't live here.... hahahaha oh man I do look 15. 

It is a good thing they make us wear helmets though. We were biking down the street and stopped to talk to these people. Just picture it... these two sweaty sweaty girls in their helmets trying to talk to people about Jesus on the street... Anyway, we were in the middle of our conversation and all of a sudden some rock or something super hard fell from a tree or something and just whacked my helmet! Haha sometimes I just think it is so funny! I would never be biking around talking to people with a helmet on and get whacked in the head if I were at home in Utah. I'm so glad for all these fun adventures and I am SO grateful that God sent me on a mission. I love it with all my heart! And I love all the people here in Texas. Haha what a great week!

Love y'all!

Sister Philpot

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